Adopting shelter animals is an important act of kindness that can change not only the life of the animal but also that of the human who adopts them. Sadly, many shelter animals are overlooked, and some are even put down. However, the story of Russ the Pitbull and his adoption by Kayla Filoon, a student and animal lover, is a heartwarming reminder of the joys of adopting shelter animals.

Kayla Filoon volunteered at ACCT Philly, an animal shelter in Philadelphia, as a dog walker. One day, she met Russ, a stray Pitbull who was in bad shape. Despite his condition, Kayla saw something special in him, and they immediately formed a connection. Russ was losing his fur and was skinny, and Kayla knew that the shelter would soon have to put him down. This is when she decided to take him home and adopt him.


Russ was incredibly grateful and affectionate towards Kayla. He loved to cuddle, and according to Kayla, he was the perfect dog. He quickly became a part of Kayla’s household, where he lived with six other housemates who all adored him.

It took Russ some time to adjust to his new environment, but with constant love, care, and plenty of rest, he bounced back pretty well. Now, he is healthy, happy, and showered with love from animal lovers all over the world.

Kayla hopes that Russ’ story will inspire others to adopt shelter animals as well. Adopting a shelter animal not only saves their life but also provides a loving home and a chance for a new beginning.

Russ the Pitbull’s story is a reminder of the incredible bond that can form between a human and an animal. Adopting a shelter animal may take time, effort, and patience, but the love and companionship that they bring are priceless. Let us all be inspired by Russ’ story and consider adopting a shelter animal.

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