Various groups dedicated to rescuing animals shared images of a cute puppy on the internet. A woman happened to spot the adorable pup and snapped a picture of him, then uploaded it to her Facebook page.

The amstaff dog I’m referring to seems to be having a hard time standing up. He appears to be stuck in one position and it’s unclear what has caused this. I have a feeling that he may have been shot before, especially considering the fact that he was found in a wooded area.

With a tail that never seems to stop wagging, this furry friend is just too sweet for words. Sadly, it’s possible that his previous owner was less attentive – after all, his ears have clearly been chopped. But regardless of his past, he’s now a happy and loving companion who deserves all the love in the world.

His name was Alphonzo and the x-rays have confirmed what was expected – it is indeed a tumor. Unfortunately, he is in immense agony and his leg is severely deformed, emitting an unpleasant odor.

To detect if there are any metastases, the vet will carry out additional examinations such as blood tests, chest x-ray, and a CT scan. It’s highly likely that the pet will require a limb amputation.

This furry friend of mine never fails to spread joy with his constant tail-wagging and affectionate kisses for anyone who comes his way. And when it comes to food, his hearty appetite is definitely a good sign.

A chest x-ray was done to check for any signs of cancer spreading, but thankfully, there were no signs of metastasis. Unfortunately, the decision has been made to amputate his leg, and he is currently receiving intravenous medication. Although his blood tests show that he is anemic, we cannot delay the procedure any longer and must proceed with the amputation as soon as possible.

After a challenging and lengthy process lasting throughout the night, he was ultimately rescued. The procedure involved extracting a tumor weighing 6 kilograms and dismembering one of his front legs.

Alphonzo has been out of the facility for four days now and he’s doing well health-wise. He’s a tough one and that’s why he’ll win in life. Despite his anemia, a combination of good nutrition and supplements can help improve his condition. Merima, a nurse specialized in veterinary care, is personally taking care of him.

After successfully enduring a challenging treatment, he is now able to lead a happy and normal life. He hopes to come across someone who will appreciate him just as much as they value themselves. It’s been a month since then and Alphonzo is doing exceptionally well – his injuries have healed without any complications. He’s a charming fellow who loves spending time with humans, kids, dogs, and felines alike.

When the spaying and neutering program becomes available again, my pet will almost be a year old.

I genuinely wish that this little one finds a loving family through adoption. It warms my heart to see how grateful he is for the support he has received and the care that Meri and Franjo are providing him.

During Carlos Carrillo and his colleague’s journey to work, they came across an unusual sight near the rural road. Initially, they were unsure of what it was, but when they took a closer look, they found a dog with its mouth gagged and its legs tied up with tubing. It was clear that the helpless animal had been abandoned there to die. Nevertheless, Carlos and his team refused to lose hope and immediately took action to rescue the poor pup. After being released from its restraints, the grateful furry friend couldn’t stop wagging its tail. Carlos and his colleagues at Shoreline Plumbing in Texas demonstrated true heroism by going beyond their call of duty to save this precious dog from an unfortunate fate.

Carrillo and his buddy rushed to aid the pooch. As per Carrillo’s observations, the dog seemed to be content and amicable, basking in all the care and affection he got. Carrillo believes that the dog had recently arrived at the spot, possibly within the last 24-48 hours.

The plumbers brought the dog to Peewee’s Pet Adoption, which is a facility that doesn’t put down animals. Carrillo mentioned how happy the dog appeared, grateful to be rescued from his previous predicament. Carrillo also expressed his admiration for the dog’s charming face and how he understood that he had been blessed with a new opportunity at life.

Despite testing positive for heartworms, the dog was found to be in good shape and was undergoing treatment. Peewee’s Pet Adoption reported that the pup was a total darling, with a tail that never stopped wagging. Sadly, the person who left the furry friend behind couldn’t be identified, but the plumbers who found him gave him a new lease on life. Now, all he needs is a loving forever home.

The doggo is ecstatic to be alive and is eagerly searching for a loving forever home to call its own.

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