These dogs who woke up after sedation are looking very adorable.

Dogs often need sedation for a lot of purposes. It could be required as a mandatory procedure before a very important surgery or could also be used when some dogs are very anxious about their visit to the veterinary doctor. For those who don’t know sedation, in the simplest words, is making you unconscious for a certain period of time. To achieve that, what it really does is slow down your brain activity to relax your body. The sedative acts as an interruption between the nerve impulses between the subject’s brain and body. As long as the sedative is in effect, the brain cannot feel pain and whoever is under the sedation does not remember anything that happens while they were under. This is the whole purpose of sedation, to make treatment easy and not painful at all.

Nobody likes to go see a doctor and it’s the same with our very own dogs as well. This is why such measures are taken to relax them as much as possible. Now I do realize it does feel very emotional to see them all out of their minds when they wake up, but I won’t be doing the process justice if I ignore the fact that they also look kinda adorable when they wake up.

Here’s a blend of cute and funny images of dogs after sedation.

Scroll down below to enjoy! We always put emphasis on cherishing the positive side of things.

1. When you’ve had one too many at the bar thinking you can take it like a champ.

I wonder what places does a dog brain go during sedation.

Via Reddit

2. Seems like the Druggo enjoyed the kick!

Doctors better hide their sedation doses next time this big boy comes in.

Via hot librarian

3. When you relax a little too much and forget what year you are in.

Via sanitytoinsane

4. When you open your eyes and see 4 hoomans instead of 1.

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5. A wreckage, that’s what it is.

Who’s mans is this? Come and take him!

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6. Dog: “Meow Meow, Dad!” Dad: “Yo! What the hell was in that sedative?”

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Pro tip: Dogs can literally smell their owners’ emotions. So it is very important to actually be calm when you take your brave boy to a vet because if they smell fear in you, they will get anxious and would resist all treatment.

Anyways, these dogs look so innocent and cute. And also very funny. Let’s enjoy some more.

7. Help me tuck my tongue in, please. I have no pawwer!

Via reflexmk6.5gli

8. This good boy went to place via that sedative.

I think it has seen it all.

Via 2husksandapap

9. Where are we? What? Weren’t we parking at the vet’s clinic?

It’s a long story bud!

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10. Where was my room again? I am just testing you, not that I am high or anything.

Via Twitter

11. I require a nice breakfast, a lot of water, and a good sleep.

3 best ways to cure a hangover.

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12. Whoever you are, can I rest on your lap?

Sure you can, good boy!

Via celiagrams

I wish whatever the reason all these dogs were sedated were fulfilled. Hope you guys enjoyed these good boys making us laugh even when they are under.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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