It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: your child goes missing. For Timberlyn Merritt, this nightmare became a reality when her three-year-old daughter Remy wandered off into a massive cornfield. But what happened next was nothing short of miraculous.Merritt, a busy stay-at-home mom, had left Remy on the swing set for just a minute while she went inside. When she returned, she found that Remy and their one-year-old Yorkie, Heath, were nowhere to be found.

Panicked, Merritt called 911 and soon more than 100 people joined in the search, combing through the 8-foot high corn stalks. As the hours went by and darkness fell, hope began to fade. But then, just after midnight, a flashlight beam shone through the darkness and a familiar bark could be heard.

Heath, the family dog, had never left Remy’s side. The loyal Yorkie had stayed with Remy as she wandered through the cornfield, and when the search party found them, they were both safe and sound.

Merritt couldn’t believe it. “I was overwhelmed,” she said. “I was crying, I was shaking, and I was so happy to have my baby back in my arms.”

The story of Heath’s loyalty and devotion to Remy quickly went viral, with people around the world praising the little dog for his bravery and dedication.

For Merritt, the experience was a powerful reminder of the importance of love and family. “I’m just thankful for my family, for my friends, and for the people who came out and helped us,” she said. “And I’m especially thankful for our little Heath, who never left my baby’s side.”


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