The blind dog whose best friend is his guide. Amos can’t see, but he’s not so afraid anymore he’s got Toby. Jess Martin first met Amos when she was volunteering at a rescue center, and she knew it might be tough for him to find a loving family. Amos was born blind, and he needed medical care, including an operation to have his eyes removed. His life wouldn’t always be easy, but she could start by providing a loving home, starting as a foster. The only question left was whether Amos would get along with her nine-year-old Border Terrier, Toby.A couple of days into her “foster” life with Amos, who came from a kennel and had no real experience socializing with other dogs, she noticed him trying to find his water bowl. Then, “Toby nudged him and helped him out.” A few months later, the adoption process was made official, and Toby and Amos were well on their way to being best friends for life.Jess says that on walks, Amos would often get scared of random noises “and Toby quickly picked up that he needed help so every time Amos was stopping, Toby would go and lie next to him till he would be ready.”Amos has trouble meeting other dogs, “other dogs don’t like him when they approach him, obviously because he cannot communicate the same way, so he doesn’t have other friends.” But Toby is always there for him.Toby and Amos go on a lot of adventures outdoors together. That’s partial because Amos still gets nervous when he’s outside in busier animals. This way, Martin explains, “He can get used to the great outdoors in a more quiet setting.”“Toby is always there to protect him we call him his ‘bodyguard’.”Here are some photos of Toby and Amos taken by Caters News during his travels.

Source: Herstory

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