Every day, Ali Ilhan from Bursa, Turkey sets out to work while his pet dog Cesur wanders off in unknown directions. Being too busy, Ali never really noticed and Cesur always returned home safe, so there was no cause for concern. This pattern continued for several days until one day Ali had some free time and decided to track Cesur. Following the pup, Ali soon realized that Cesur was headed straight towards his father’s grave. It was clear that Cesur knew exactly where he was going as he stopped right in front of his owner’s final resting place.

Sáng nào chó cưng cũng chạy khỏi nhà, người đàn ông tò mò đi theo để rồi xúc động mạnh khi đến nơi - Ảnh 2.

Sáng nào chó cưng cũng chạy khỏi nhà, người đàn ông tò mò đi theo để rồi xúc động mạnh khi đến nơi - Ảnh 4.

Ali’s father, Mehmet Ilhan, had a close friend named Cesur who was deeply saddened when the old man was hospitalized. In fact, Cesur even stopped eating during the final days of his owner’s life. Unfortunately, Mr. Mehmet passed away in January 2017, leaving Cesur bereft. The loyal dog stood by the coffin during the funeral procession and refused to leave his owner’s side until he was buried. Ali recounted that no one was allowed to touch Cesur until his father was laid to rest. The heartbroken expression on Cesur’s face as he stood next to the coffin was a poignant testament to the deep bond between man and dog.

Sáng nào chó cưng cũng chạy khỏi nhà, người đàn ông tò mò đi theo để rồi xúc động mạnh khi đến nơi - Ảnh 6.


Pets have a huge presence on social media and some of them are even more popular than real-life people. This is not surprising as pets can be incredibly charming and captivating. One such example is a pair of Russian Blue cats named Xafi and Auri, who have gained a following of 122k on Instagram. These feline influencers are known for their mesmerizing emerald eyes that seem to reflect their beautiful souls. With their silky silver fur, mysterious smile, and unique personalities, these American Type cats have captured the hearts of many.

Auri and Xafi are two beautiful cats who, despite being born a year apart (Xafi in April 2016), look like twins due to their similar size. However, while people may have trouble telling them apart, their owners – Annaken and Tim from the UK – have their own ways of distinguishing between the two grey felines. Auri has a rounder face, wider ears, and slightly darker fur, whereas Xafi has a more angular face with slightly taller ears. In addition, their meows, movements, and behavior are also different. Moreover, Auri appears more muscular and toned, despite both cats weighing exactly the same, at 3.5kg.

Even though they may look alike, the two cats, Xafi and Auri, possess contrasting personalities. Xafi is more affectionate and enjoys snuggling, while Auri is known for her naughty and mischievous behavior, earning her the nickname “Klepto-Cat” because she takes things without permission. According to their owner Anneken, Xafi is more people-oriented, while Auri is independent and athletic. Xafi is vocal and demanding when she wants attention, whereas Auri prefers a gentle and quiet approach. Despite their differences, both cats are incredibly loving and sweet.

The variety of personalities that the famous cats on Instagram exhibit is also reflected in their modeling abilities. Xafi tends to be a bit reluctant to be in front of the camera, while Auri revels in the attention and has even mastered some impressive poses. The process of taking photos of cats requires a lot of patience and skill, according to their owner Anneken. She has found that using treats and toys can be helpful when trying to get her cats to pose and look directly into the camera. Nowadays, however, she prefers to capture them in their natural environment, just being themselves and engaging in typical cat behaviors.

Last year, a Somali cat named Errol made his way from Germany to join a new family. Despite some initial hesitation from Anneken and Tim about bringing in a new furry friend, Errol quickly became a beloved member of the household, fitting perfectly into the family dynamic. Known for his playful and energetic personality, Errol has earned himself quite the following on Instagram with over 114k devoted fans. His personal blog describes him as a “purring, meowing eating machine” with a penchant for slobbering.

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